The Weekend Warrior programs are for athletes who want to get fitter and stronger while being able to compete in many different events/sports. The GoRuck programs, however, are structured with a specific purpose to prepare athletes for the demands of a GoRuck Tough or 50-miler Star Course event. 


We offer several challenging workouts to keep warriors testing their fitness levels. We even have something to challenge all levels of athletes, Challenges, that will test the athletes' physical and mental fitness.  

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Challenges      $59.00

  • 8 weeks, 1x a week

  • The workouts are designed so that only one workout will be completed per week.

  • Its up to the athlete to choose which challenge to do each week, they are not designed to be completed in any specific order

  • These workouts are strictly meant to challenge your physical and mental toughness

  • Make sure to allow for a few rest days (or light days) after each challenge

  • These are best done with friends

Kettlebell Conditioning     $109.00

  • 12 weeks, 3-4 days a week

  • The first 3 weeks are M, W, F and the second 3 weeks are M, T, Th, F

  • High volume reps with moderate weights to build a strength-endurance

  • Some workouts will be based on number of rounds, some will be based on a total time, and others will be AMRAP in a certain time. Lots of variety in this plan, you won't get bored

Kettlebell Strength      $59.00

  • 4 weeks, 5 days a week

  • Focus of this plan is to build strength using only kettlebells and bodyweight (you can substitute dumbbells for kettlebells if you don't have access to KB's)

  • There will be an Assessment in Week 1 and in Week 4

Renegade      $69.00

  • 8 weeks, 4-5 days a week

  • Tuesday and Sunday are scheduled rest days

  • Combines lots of interval running, heavy strength work, heavy carries, and some obstacle course-like workouts.

  • You will need access to a gym and a track

  • These workouts are very challenging and will test your physical and mental abilities

GoRuck Tough     $89.00

  • 10 weeks, 5 days a week

  • Combines rucking, running, and strength work in the gym

  • The perfect program for getting athletes ready for the "GoRuck Tough", which will last between 10-12 hours

  • This program will improve your rucking endurance, overall strength, and mental toughness

  • Workouts may take between 1-4 hours to complete

  • Will need access to a gym, a backpack/rucksack, and a sandbag

  • Must be able to already run 5 miles comfortably

GoRuck Star Course 26.2 / 50-Miler    $89.00

  • 10 weeks, 4-6 days a week

  • This program is specifically designed for those who will be competing in the 26.2 or 50-mile GoRuck Star Course

  • Focus of the program will be on rucking while also maintaining strength and durability

  • Since the event requires teams of 2-5 people, it's best if you can train with your other teammates so that you hone in on rucking speed as a team rather than each individually.

  • Every Monday there will be a timed ruck that will dictate rucking paces for the following workouts.

  • 15-20lbs (women) and 25-35lbs (men) will be the weight carried during most rucks

  • Up to a max of 42 miles per week

GoRuck Star Course 50-Miler $109.00

  • 15 weeks, 6 days a week

  • This in an intense rucking program specifically designed for those who will be competing in the 50-mile GoRuck Star Course and any other ultra-distance ruck march.

  • Focus of the program will be on rucking while also maintaining strength and durability

  • All weekly rucks will have a specific target pace based off a previous Assessment

  • Unlike the 10-week option, in this plan athletes will carry 25lbs (women) and 45lbs (men) during weekly rucks

  • Up to a max of 47 miles per week

Strength and Stamina   $89.00

  • 8 weeks, 4-5 days a week

  • Combine strength, work capacity circuits, and endurance

  • This program is best for athletes who are looking to build strength while also improving their stamina.

  • You won't get big on this plan, but you will be strong and have the ability to maintain a solid effort in any activity you do.