As a former Master Fitness Trainer in the US Army and a current Physical Fitness Instructor with the FBI, I can say without hesitation that Sloane is one of the most accomplished trainers with whom I have had the opportunity to work with.  

In 2016, Rugged Athlete provided functional strength training to several employees of my office.  Sloane conducted formal assessments of each employee and subsequently developed specific strength workouts which he tailored to each individual's fitness level.  He also designed tailored fitness programs which our employees could then incorporate into their own respective workout routines.

I highly recommend Rugged Athlete and that we are all better for having trained there.

-     JB                                                                                                           Supervisory Special Agent

I trained with Rugged Athlete for the several months in order to work on my athletic goals.  I have been trying to improve my overall strength, gain some weight, and work on functional strength training techniques for rock climbing.  I have been in the health/fitness industry for a number of years and thought I had enough training to put together my own program.  Then I was introduced to Sloane at Rugged Athlete. 

He helped me look at fitness in a more holistic perspective – nutrition, Olympic lifts, bodyweight training, and several other methods (KB, Sandbag, etc.).  He was very supportive and provided heaps of encouragement during those long workouts.  And the results speak for themselves.  My climbing has improved, I am stronger both physically and mentally, and have more energy throughout most days. 

I would highly recommend Rugged Athlete if you want to improve your athleticism.

-          DF


I trained with Rugged Athlete while preparing for the 2016 wildfire season. This is my ninth season as a firefighter and every year I have taken a slightly different approach towards improving my fitness. With the workouts, professional guidance, and encouragement provided at Rugged Athlete I feel as a 29-year-old that I am in comparable, if not better, shape than I was in my early 20s. When I have done my own regimes or programs found online, I have found myself getting bored easily and struggling to stick to the schedule.  With Rugged Athlete that was never a problem. I gave Sloane my strength and conditioning goals and he catered a specific program for me that was both challenging and fun. Every workout had a purpose and I never lost interest in the system.

-          CK


Sloane with Rugged Athlete took me to the next level in my training.  I have been out of the Military since January 2014 and haven’t done much in the way of working out since.  With all that said I decided to participate in the GORUCK 50-mile Star Course, Class 001 challenge.  Fun right?  I needed something to motivate me to get in the gym and stay there. I would occasionally go for a couple weeks, then stop going.  I was notorious for finding an excuse to work late or be busy.  Being in the gym is not my priority.   

Sloane trained me and ultimately is responsible for helping me pass the event.  He took the time to get to know my history and injuries so he could tailor the workout program to my needs.  Keep in mind the event was to ruck at least 50 miles to various checkpoints (points of interest) within 20 hours, so our training was designed to build endurance, strength, and stamina.     

He designed a specific 12-week training program to prepare me for the 50-miler.  We worked out 4-6 days a week doing some form of rucking, weight-training, or combination of both.  During the process he assessed my physical well-being and improvements.  We did a timed ruck assessment every Monday to build the appropriate target times for each week.  He always came prepared with our workouts and expectations. 

Whether you are a Rugged Athlete already or a Netflix watcher like me looking for a reason to get fit, you need to hire Sloane.  I literally went from never working out to completing a 50+ mile ruck march challenge.  

He has experience with endurance training and challenges, and built a program that he believed would work. It did!  I wouldn’t change anything about it, but I’ll let him decide that.  I mention this because you might not want to do a 50+ mile ruck challenge.  He can build a custom program, based on your needs and condition to fit any challenge and turn you into a rugged athlete too. 

-     TK

I had no idea my first training session with Rugged Athlete would be the start of a three-year journey into some of the best and most difficult training I have ever done.  I am truly in debt to Sloane for all the help and experience he shared with me.  He is a true master at his craft, developing challenging yet rewarding training programs.  The diversity and type of workouts we did has put me in the best shape of my life.  Through his guidance and knowledge, I am more confident in my strength, flexibility and power.  I am also more confident in the ability to do my job as the Technician for the Deschutes County Adult Jail and all other recreational/athletic activities I enjoy without experiencing the debilitating back issues I had beforehand.  The best part about training with Rugged Athlete is although you are working harder than you ever have, you’re still having fun.  I always looked forward to our workouts.

-     GJ

The Rugged Athlete obstacle course training workouts have added the missing variety and skill practice that was missing in my own workouts.  If you are looking to break away from the usual gym circuit, treadmill run, or tedious training jog, then check out Rugged Athlete.  The variety of exercises address the whole-body approach and will get you in shape. Sloane creates a fun and safe environment that makes working out in the great outdoors of Chattanooga fun and effective. He will help you push yourself to try new things.  I am competing in a Spartan Race, and this camp was the ticket to getting me ready physically and mentally.  

Whether you are interested in obstacle course racing or not, Rugged Athlete will help you balance your training with recovery and get you ready for any physical challenge."

-          CP

When Sloane first talked me into signing up for the  GoRuck Tough event I was a little naïve to say the least. At the end of the training I felt about as prepared as I possibly could be. The training system that Rugged Athlete had put in place was integral for me being able to finish the event. The training was grueling so the event didn’t seem so hard. My physical strength increased along with my overall conditioning. The most important thing that the training helped with was knowing I could push my limits physically and mentally. The reason that this was so important is that the GoRuck event pushed me mentally more than physically. Overall I am incredibly lucky to have had Rugged Athlete design my program that helped me immensely in completing the GoRuck Tough event.

-          DB

I had been working out with Rugged Athlete for a year and half when Sloane asked if I would be interested in the GoRuck Tough.   The thought of a 12 hour, 15-20 mile military type challenge led by a Special Forces “Cadre” through the middle of the night intimidated me so badly that it took me three months to even sign up.  With Sloane’s encouragement and promise of a fitness plan that would surely prepare me for the big night, I finally committed. 

Sloane designed a 9-week training program that would involve specific and varied gym workouts, running, rucking and a whole lot of 40-60# sandbag get-ups.  And over that 9 weeks I found that not only did I need the fitness guidance from Sloane but I really needed the mental support that I could, and would, be able to finish the GoRuck Tough Challenge. 

Only one week prior to the event did I accept that I had committed myself to a night of craziness and I trusted Sloane that I was ready physically and mentally.  Thanks to Sloane’s encouragement, training plan and promise that the body can always do more than the mind thinks it can, not only did I finish the challenge but I felt strong the whole night.  I could not have done this without the help of Sloane.  That was officially when I considered myself a “rugged athlete”.

-          JW

I started training with Rugged Athlete 2 years ago and have received much more than I bargained for.  I have a background in sports although I would not consider myself an elite athlete.  The results from working with Rugged Athlete speak most powerfully.  I was encouraged to look beyond my comfort zone and have accomplished goals I didn’t think were possible.  

Committing myself to training with Sloane was one of the best decisions I've ever made.  The workouts are designed in such a way that you are always pushing the limits within your ability, and are actually really a lot of fun!  I really look forward to new challenges at each training session.

-          DS