Upcoming Ruck Events

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting several new Ruck events this year, in addition to the Chattanooga Brew Ruck Challenge that will happen once again this winter.

To kick off spring, the Hilly Urban Ruck Race of Tennessee (HURT) will test participants’ lower body strength and cardiovascular endurance. The course will cover 14 miles of hilly terrain, combining pavement and trails, around scenic north Chattanooga. Everyone is required to carry 25lbs.

Shortly after the HURT will be the Beer Ruck 5k in May. This is going to be an all-out fun fest. Combining 3 things all Chattanoogan’s and many others enjoy; Beer, Rucking, and Running. There will be 3 beers each participant will have to drink, all while wearing a weighted rucksack/backpack/weighted vest, and covering just over 3 miles in distance. Final details are still in the works.

During the late summer the Scenic City Night Ops will challenge teams to tactfully work together to complete the event. Starting after sunset, it will require the ability to find certain images, perform specific tasks, taking photos with local Law Enforcement, etc. All Teams (2-4 people) will be required to carry weight in the form of rucksack/backpack or weighted vest. Men will be required to carry 20lbs, and women 10lbs.

Then our final event of 2019 will be the Chattanooga Brew Ruck Challenge, either late November or early December. It was such as huge success last year (it’s first) that we are going to make this year even better. @BeerMoney is already talking trash about repeating as champions again. We’ll have a new start and finish location this year and a few new breweries added.

So mark your calendars and keep an eye out for event details as they become available. Look forward to seeing many familiar and new faces.