GORUCK "Tough" Training Prep

On July 21st, Rugged Athlete will be hosting a FREE 4-hour training camp to prepare those who will (as well as those who won't) be participating in the GORUCK Tough Chattanooga event on August 17th.  Those who plan to do the Light are also encouraged to come out as the workout will be slightly scaled back.  

go ruck.jpg

This event will take place at 7am beginning at Coolidge Park in the North Shore area.   The workout will involve rucking and strength-based exercises using your ruck and sandbags, and this will definitely challenge everyone.. 

This is not meant to be a beat down (there will not be a cadre yelling at you) but rather a way to uncover your weaknesses and expose areas that need to be improved.  It's also meant to be a perfect workout to try out the gear/clothing/nutrition, etc you will be using during the event.  If something doesn't work right, this is the time to find that our, not during the event.

lara squat.jpg

The 4-hour time frame allows just enough time to test your physical and mental capacity and determine if you maintained your nutrition throughout as needed.   Fueling during this workout (as well as in the GORUCK event) will be important.

Come join Rugged Athlete and others on July 21st at 7am and see if you have the strength, stamina, and grit to complete this workout.