This Week's Challenge Of the Week (COW)

Legs! Legs! Legs!

If you want a straight forward, no bullshit, leg-burner, this one will answer your call.  It's a challenging sequence of five different exercises, all combined to make up one complex.

The goal of this challenge is to move from one exercise to the next without resting.  No need to rush, just keep a brisk effort throughout the entire complex.  Once all are completed then you'll take a 2 min recovery before repeating for a total of 5 sets.  This will test your leg strength, power, endurance, and coordination.

If you can manage all 5 sets, you will have completed a total of 500x reps for your leg muscles.

Here is COW Challenge #4:

Complete 5 total sets, one exercise after the other w/o rest.

20x Bodyweight Squats
20x Squat Jumps
20x Alternating Lunges (total)
20x Split Lunge Jumps (total)
20x Lateral Step Hop-Overs @16” Box/Step (total)                                ***2 min rest between sets***