Sample Upper/Lower Split Workout

Here at Rugged Athlete we like to offer "the most bang for buck" type of training.  What I mean is that time is limited for many and time is money for most.  We want to make sure when you train with us that you progress and improve physically and mentally.  We do not program random workouts, each workout will have a purpose.   

One such type of workout is an upper/lower split.  A combination of an upper body movement with a lower body movement.  This can be modified several ways but to keep it simple the one below is a upper push/lower pull split. 

What this means is that your upper body will be doing all "pushing" movements (ie: horizontal - pushups, or vertical - overhead press) and your lower body will be doing all "pulling" movements (ie: KB Swings, Deadlifts, RDL's, Hamstring Curls, etc)

Here is a sample workout:  

Farmer Carry.JPG

Warm Up:
2 Sets

4x KB Turkish Get Ups e/s 12kg

8x 2-Leg KB Deadlift 16kg

5x Pushups

10x BirdDogs

Instep Stretch



(1) 5 Sets

12x KB Swings 16/24kg

8x Pushups

**No rest between exercises, 30 sec between each set

(2) 3 Sets

6x 1-Arm KB Military Press e/s 12/16kg

6x 1-Leg KB RDL e/s 16/24kg

**No rest switching sides and no rest between exercises, then 60 sec rest between sets

(3) 3 Sets

12x KB Russian Twists e/s 16kg

45 sec 2-Arm KB Farmers Carry 24/32kg – (heavy as possible without having to rest during carry)

**No rest between exercises, 60-90 sec rest between sets