Sandbag GetUp Assessment Results

We recently completed our 6-week Sandbag Strength and Honor class that was held 3x a week (Tues, Thur, Sat).

get up assessment1.jpg

During week 1 and week 6 we had each athlete perform a 10-min Sandbag Getup Assessment following a warm up.  The weight of sandbags that we used were 40/60# (with the exception of one athlete who had no prior strength training in which she used only a 20# bag).  

During the Assessment the athletes could switch sides holding the bag at any point, and could rest if needed, however, the time continued to run.  

getup assessment2.jpg

Six athletes performed the Assessment during week 1 but only five were able to during week 6 as one athlete was not able to attend.

Here are the results:

Athlete                       Week 1             Week 6             Improvement

Julie     20#                   63x                  72x                   9x (14%)

Aaron   40#                   70x                 ------

Greg     40#                   67x                 74x                    7x (10%)

Jason    40#                   70x                  86x                   16x (23%)

Travis    60#                  51x                  57x                    6x (12%)

The average improvement was 9.5x more reps which equates to an average increase of 14.75%. 

All athletes reported that the test was NOT any easier in week 6 compared to week 1.