FREE - New Year's Ruck-olution Workout

Question: What is better than starting the New Year off attacking those resolutions (or in this case ruck-olutions) immediately?

Answer: Taking part in Rugged Athlete’s New Year’s Day Ruck-olution that’s what!

This will be our first ruck-oulution event and plan to put in on the calendar every New Year’s Day.


The workout will be held at Baylor School on the main football field. We’ll have lots of open space on the field for the strength exercises and will also use the grounds of Baylor for the rucking portions.

We’ll have a whiteboard with the workout posted so it’s visible to everyone and you’ll be able to do the workout at your own pace; you choose to do as little or all of the workout (hopefully the latter). There will be several pieces of equipment (sandbags, kettlebells, and TRX) with various weights so that everyone will be challenged regardless of fitness level.

After completing a warm up, there will be a total of 7 parts to the workout and three options for the rucking distance. You can expect the full workout (all 7 parts + max rucking distance) to take close to 3 hours.

Regardless of which options you choose the workout will commence at 1:30pm. We’ll then go grab a cold beer and celebrate a toast to the New Year at Heaven and Ale Brewing.