Test Your Mental Fitness

I want to share a workout that I think will test most athletes’ mental fitness as much as their physical fitness. These are the types of workouts I have been programming more and more of because I find that these not only help to improve fitness but ones work-ethic.

As a society we have gotten a little softer with how easily available everything is. Technology has improved how quickly we can get things done, but it’s also made us less tolerable.

In the fitness arena, I see athlete’s cut their workouts short all the time…skip a set here or there, do a few less reps than prescribed…not thinking about the consequences this can have in life. Fitness, in my opinion, is a way to truly gauge a person’s character.

By skipping those sets or extra reps, you are not only sabotaging your training, but you are telling yourself it’s ok to quit. I’ve been in races where guys I know would DNF (did not finish) if they didn’t have a chance to make the podium. To me that means they quit. And these are good guys but their character was questioned at the time they decided to quit the race and call it a day.

I respect someone who isn’t the fastest or strongest athlete, but doesn’t take anything for granted, doesn’t make excuses, just keeps grinding away. Some athletes know even before they start that they are going to quit, they are just looking for an excuse.

tactical image.jpg

Here’s a workout to test YOUR mental fitness. You’ll probably want to quit or skip a few reps/sets, the question is will you?

Warm up:

10 min Sandbag Get Ups 60/80#


1) 10 Sets

4x Sandbag Push Press 60/80#

4x Sandbag Front Squats 60/80#

8x KB Swings 35/53#

2) 8 Sets

10x Step Ups @18” e/s

10x Pushups

10x Russian Twists e/s 25#

5x Pullups

3) 1 Set

10 min Sandbag Get Ups 60/80#