6-Week Sandbag Strength and Honor

Starting February 1, 2018, I will be coaching a 6-week sandbag strength and conditioning class at Conquest Obstacle Gym in Chattanooga.  

Sloane SB 10.jpg

The focus of the program will be strength, short sprints, core work, and some agility work; two strength days and one aerobic capacity day each week. 

Utilizing sandbags as the primary resistance, expect to engage many stabilizing muscles that normally do not get activated when lying on a bench, or even using a barbell.  Don't expect to get BIG, expect to get strong and powerful.  The strength gained during the 6 weeks will transfer over to sport/profession/daily activities.

After each class, anyone who will be competing in an OCR event in 2018 (or those who just want to have some fun) will be encouraged to spend some time working on the obstacles in the gym (such as climbing ropes, Mt Olympus, walls, Twister, monkey bars/rigs, balance beams, etc). 

Cost of Class:  $120

Class days/times:  3x a week

    Tuesday/Thursday:  6pm

Saturday:  10am 

February 1 - March 10