Rugged Athlete competes in Warrior Dash Georgia

Rugged Athlete athlete, Greg Higgins, competed in the Warrior Dash event this past weekend in Covington, GA.  This was Greg's first attempt at an mud run/obstacle course race event. 

Greg has been training for this event since January.  He has a background in running but hadn't done much strength training prior to starting his training in January.  Our focus with Greg was to improve his overall relative strength using bodyweight exercises the first 6 week and then begin adding in resistance exercises in the form of dumbbells.  

Greg's upper body strength improved quickly as noted in several assessments, and his per mile pace also improved.  Prior to beginning his training with Rugged Athlete, Greg was not able to perform a pullup. One week prior to his event he was able to perform 5 strict pullups.  As most who have competed in an obstacle course race will contest, it is essential to be able to pull yourself (ie: your bodyweight) up and over objects (ie: walls).  

Greg Warrior Dash.jpg

The final few weeks prior to the event we mixed in some race simulation workouts and reduced the total volume of running.  Running with wet shoes was also essential so he was familiar with the extra weight and wet socks.  

Now that the cobwebs have been dusted off and the first race is completed, he will begin training in May for his first Spartan Race Sprint in Asheville, NC on July 29th.