Brutal Battling Ropes Workout

Some of you may already be familiar with Battling Ropes, however, for those of you who are not, this will be a new exciting workout for you.  

The idea behind battling rope training was first introduced by John Brookfield, who developed his owns system of rope training called "Battling Ropes".  The rest is history.  These systems have been used by professional and Olympic athletes and are great for building strength and challenging the cardiovascular system.

There are several different ropes on the market; from different materials, to different weights and lengths.  If yo have the option start with the smaller and lighter rope and build up to working with a heavier rope.  If you have never used battling ropes, you may also want to start with only 1 set rather than the 3 sets prescribed in the workout below.

In this workout, all you need is access to a Battling Rope and your own bodyweight. Perform all exercises with minimal rest between each. Once all 4 rounds are completed, rest 2 min and move to the next group.  During the 2 min rest, it's best to do some mobility drills for hips and shoulders

(1) 4 Rounds

30 sec Alternating Rope Slams 

20x Bodyweight: Lateral Jumps -  (10 per leg)

30 sec Alternating Rope Waves 

10x Bodyweight: Burpee


(2) 4 Rounds

30 sec Reverse Lunge Rope Waves - 10 lunges per leg

10x Bodyweight: Push-ups (add a clap if too easy)

30 sec Side to Side Rope Slams

20x Bodyweight: Mtn Climbers


(3) 4 Rounds

30 sec Grappler Rope Slams (side to side with overhand grip) 

15x Bodyweight: Squats 

30 sec Plank Alternating Rope Pulls 

10x Bodyweight: Jump Squats