2 strength workouts for runners

Are you a runner struggling with running hills or lack that burst of power needed to stick with the pack?  If so, try incorporating these workouts into your off-season strength training to build strength and power.

Make sure to allow for a day of rest between these workouts and that you warm up for 10-15 min. with some easy jogging, then some dynamic movements such as the following before starting each workout:

Warmup:  10 min.
6x Lunge with Rotation e/s
10x Jumping Jacks
6x Med Ball Good Mornings 8#
4x Knee Hugs e/s
10x Cross Mtn Climbers

Allow 1-2 days of rest between these workouts.  If you have been running regularly, you can include one of these workouts the day before your Tempo run and one workout the day before your Long run.

Workout #1:  45-60 min
Complete all strength exercises one after the other in a circuit format.  Perform 4 sets of 6-8 reps with 20-30 sec rest between exercises and 1-2 min rest between sets.  Complete only 2-3 sets of the two core exercises.
All exercises should be performed with slow controlled movements, however, for the DB side lunge/Clean and Press make sure to make the Clean and Press a little explosive.

(1) 4 Sets

6-8x Bulgarian Lunge
6-8x DB RDL to Bent-Over Row
6-8x Alt. 1-Arm DB Bench Press

(2) 4 Sets

8-10x Alt. DB Hammer Curls e/s
8-10x TRX Triceps Press
8-10x DB Side Lunge to Clean to 1-Arm Press (the side yo lunge to is the arm you press overhead)

(3) 2-3 Sets
30x Bicycle Crunches
30 sec Plank with Alt. Opposite Leg/Arm Lifts

Workout #2:  45 min
3 sets of each superset in Part (1) and (2).  Rest 30 sec between each set and 60 sec between each pair of exercises.  For Part (3), perform in circuit format (one after the other with minimal rest). 
For all core exercises (#6,7,8) perform 3 sets of 10 reps each.

(1) 3 Sets

10-15x TRX 1-Leg Squats e/s
10x Split Lunge Jumps

REST 1 min

(2) 3 Sets

10-15x KB RDL
15-20x Back Extensions

REST 1 min

(3) 2 Sets

5x X-Band Lateral Walks (using a superband (.5" - 1") e/s
10x Stiff-Arm Pulldowns (using a straight bar)
10x DB Suitcase Deadlift (like a regular deadlift, but only lifting 1 DB) e/s
10-15x Hanging Knee Raises
10-15x Med Ball Chops
10x Anti-Rotation Situps (lie perpendicular to a c able machine.  Using a single handle (or rope attachment) extend arms out in front of chest.  Then perform a situp without letting your torso twist towards the cable anchor point...resist the rotation

Make sure to cool down with an easy jog or spin on the bike for 5- 10 min.  Then mix in some foam rolling and stretching.