Rugged Ruckers is Chattanooga’s official GORUCK Ruck Club. 

Currently we meet once a week on Friday’s at 5:30pm. Our Friday Night Rucks is a way to bring people of all experiences and abilities together to spend a Friday night rucking, explore some new sites around the city, and of course enjoy a cold beverage afterwards at one of the amazing local breweries...think of it as social fitness.  

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What is Rucking? 

"RUCK•ING [VERB] carrying a weighted pack on your back. It implies action, energy, and purpose.

Rucking is the foundation of Special Forces training. Green Berets are well versed in shouldering heavy rucks through cities, mountains, jungles and deserts, in war and in peace -- alone when they must, together whenever possible. Rucking requires strength, endurance, and character -- and builds it, too.

Note: Hiking is rucking in the mountains, urban hiking is simply called rucking. Rucking can be done at any weight".

Each week the starting location, route, duration, and tempo might change, so pay attention to our Facebook page for details.   The locations of each week will also be posted here on our site at the bottom of this page.

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Most weeks we will plan routes that last between 1.5-2.5 hrs in duration and between 4-7 miles.  Avg pace will be roughly 15:00 min/mile.  We recommend 20lbs for women, and 30lbs for men, however, you are free to carry more weight if you choose.

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Headlamps are occasionally needed, and everyone should have some sort of reflective band attached to the back of the ruck/pack.  

Our Friday Night Rucks are a great way to help prepare for most GoRuck events and improve cardiovascular fitness.  On average, you'll burn between 500-1,000 calories during these rucks.    


Most routes will be on pavement/footpaths, but we will also utilize some of the trails around the city.  Wear appropriate footwear, clothing, and always bring some sort of hydration (water, Gatorade, etc) and food.  

During some of the rucks, we will include some PT (physical training), to spice things up and keep it fun.  This could include such things as bear crawls, pushups, squats, lunges, etc all while wearing your ruck/pack.  You can expect some unknowns to be thrown in as well.

Two Members of the club, Sloane and Travis, competed in the GORUCK Star Course 50 miler (Class 001) in May; a 50 mile ruck in Washington, DC.  They were one of only 64 teams to finish of the 200+ teams that started. For Sloane's full report read his AAR.

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Weekly Starting Locations: (Meet at 5:30pm)


  • 4th - Renaissance Park, 100 Manufacturers Road

  • 11th - Wanderlinger Brewing, 1208 King St

  • 18th - Blue Goose Hollow Trailhead, 876 W. 9th Ave

  • 25th - Daily Ration, 1220 Dartmouth St


  • 1st - Heaven and Ale Brewery, 300 Cherokee Blvd

  • 8th - The TapHouse Brewery, 3800 St Elmo Ave

  • 9th - Donuts Ruck Nashville - 12 miles (4 bakeries)

  • 15th - Chattanooga Brewing Co., 1804 Chestnut

  • 22nd - Publix Super Market, 400 N Market St


  • 1st - Odd Story Brewing, 336 East MLK Blvd

  • 9th - Julie Darlings Donuts, 121 Frazier Ave Donuts/Coffee Ruck 8:45am - 6.5 miles (3 bakeries, 1 coffee shop)

  • 15th - Naked River Brewing, 1791 Reggie White Blvd

  • 22nd - No Ruck

  • 29th - Heaven and Ale Brewing Co., 300 Cherokee Blvd


  • 5th - No Ruck

  • 12th - The Tap House Brewery, 3800 St Elmo Ave

  • 19th - Chattanooga Brewing Co., 1804 Chestnut (Easter Egg (coupon) Ruck)

  • 26th - No Ruck


  • 3rd - Wanderlinger Brewing, 1208 King St

  • 10th - Naked River Brewing, 1791 Reggie White Blvd

  • 17th - The TapHouse Brewery, 3800 St Elmo Ave

  • 24th - The Daily Ration, 1220 Dartmouth St (very hilly Ruck!)

  • 31st - Big Frog Brewing, 2122 Dayton Blvd


  • 7th - Heaven and Ale Brewing Co., 300 Cherokee Blvd