The 2018 Chattanooga Brew Ruck Challenge consisted of rucking (aka: hiking with weight) to several breweries around Chattanooga as fast as possible on either a 2 or 4-person Team to finish before the cutoff time limit.  The order in which teams chose to visit the breweries was up to each TEAM.


Here is the overall summary for the event:

The CBRC is a combination of rucking, exploring some amazing breweries that Chattanooga has to offer, and pushing yourself physically and mentally to achieve the most coveted prize…a 3x5” patch!

CBRC Logo.jpg

This event is no joke.  This is a ruck challenge, so that means you will carry weight.  Do you think your TEAM has what it takes to visit all brewery locations and complete the secret tasks in the required time limit?  If so, then sign up and prove it!  During this event you will learn to work together as a team, and when it’s all over you’ll be rewarded with a cold beer.   

Prior to the Chattanooga Brew Ruck Challenge all TEAMS must create a unique team name on Instagram.  This will be used for tracking each TEAM during the event and to prove you were at each location.  At each brewery, your TEAM will be responsible for posting a selfie photo with all members of the TEAM included, along with the brewery logo in the background, and the appropriate hashtags.  

One of our breweries, The Brew Market and Beer Garden, is brewing a special Pale Ale just for the event, “The Bad Mother Rucker”.


Upon completion, all participants will receive a FREE 9oz beer of their choice from Heaven and Ale Brewing Co., and those who beat the cutoff time (6hrs) will receive their custom Chattanooga Brew Ruck Challenge Patch


$20/team of two (2)

$30/team of four (4)


The Chattanooga Brew Ruck Challenge will be held on Saturday, December 1st, 2018 at 12pm. 


The Chattanooga Brew Ruck Challenge will start at The Tap House (3800 St Elmo Ave #114) at 12:00pm and finish at Heaven and Ale Brewing Co. (304 Cherokee Blvd) at 6pm

The Tap House will open its doors at 10am and will be providing some drip coffee.  There will be a team meeting at 10:30am inside The Tap House.

**Parking is recommended at Food City, 3801 Tennessee Ave


Please note: Must be 21 or older to participate

The Chattanooga Brew Ruck Challenge is open to anyone who likes to ruck/hike, enjoys a physical challenge, has a little orienteering/map reading skills, wants to see the city of Chattanooga from a new perspective, and someone who likes to drink beer. 


This is a TEAM challenge.  You can only sign up as a 2-person TEAM or a 4-person TEAM, so choose your team wisely. 

Your TEAM shows up to the starting location, The Tap House.  There will be a MANDATORY team meeting held at 10:30am.  During the team meeting each TEAM will be issued a set of rules with instructions, a list of brewery and “secret task” locations, and the specific #hashtags that you will need to include with your selfie photos at each brewery.  The route you choose will be up to you and your TEAM. 

Men will be required to carry 30lbs and women 20lbs.  This does not include water and food.  Rucks will be weighed at the start and at the finish.


Each of the “secret task” locations will be close to a brewery location so make sure you plan ahead; it’s the unknown that awaits that will keep you guessing.  Be prepared for anything.  There will be a 1-2 volunteers at each of these locations to help explain the task and provide instructions. 


Required items for all participants:

Appropriate weight: 20 lbs, or 30lbs (ruck plates, bricks, etc.)

Rucksack / Backpack

Reflective Ruck Bands (2) -OR- Belts (1) to be placed on your rucksack / backpack

Headlamp and extra set of batteries

Smartphone with fully charged battery

Instagram app downloaded onto smartphone (1 per TEAM)

Photo ID and $10 cash (just in case)


Recommended items for all participants:

Hydration Bladder


One extra pair of socks


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